Over the past decades, the flower industry has mainly focused on making cultivation and logistical processes more efficient and effective. New technology offers opportunities for creating further value in this area. In the future, value creation will be available more through sustainability, transparency and marketing. The last point especially is crucial to success according to Hofland Freesia. The (latent) functional and emotional needs of consumers, retailers and other branch partners should become a more central focus in operations and thought processes. Products, services and concepts should meet these needs perfectly, with custom work for the formula or distribution channels and in a credible and respectful way.

Hofland Freesia is a leading nursery in freesias and a leading marketing organization because of its mentality and because of innovation, collaboration, custom work and energy.

Consumer Market

The consumer has a strong emotional bond with flowers, including freesias. The codes involved in this have remained more or less the same: a beautiful, strong and fragrant flower, with lots of color and use options. However, we have yet to see real innovation, even though the consumer really wants it.

Hofland Freesia has clear ideas on how to offer fresh ideas to the consumer without confusing them.

Corporate Market]

The need for fresh flowers is growing in general, and especially in retail. Flowers are also increasingly often sold through non-traditional channels in non-traditional forms. Freesias are excellent for these new emerging markets because of the fact that it is a beautiful, strong flower with a good margin. But to be able to keep up in the movement, you should act more in terms of concepts than in terms of products. Hofland Freesia would be happy to inspire you.

Branch and Employees

Hofland Freesia is a commercial enterprise, but is also of the opinion that value creation is more than just volume and margin goals. Care for ‘people and the planet’ are equally as important. By going above and beyond and doing more than what’s required in primary processes, Hofland Freesia strives to create and maintain sustainability.