‘Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds’ is a quote we live by at Hofland Freesia. Markets are becoming increasingly competitive, and collaboration is crucial. And to be honest, coming up with something, producing it and being successful together makes work much more fun.

At Hofland Freesia, it isn’t about the fact that you want to be partners, but that you are partners, in words and in practice - for your customers, for your colleagues, for your suppliers, and for your branch partners. And we put a lot of time into our business contacts, as it should be with good partners. To be able to see what drives them, to tell them what we believe in and to work together toward goals and a ‘good feeling’. Today and tomorrow.

Would you like to make a change in your collaborations? As a future client, colleague or supplier? Don’t hesitate to contact Hofland Freesia.