Hofland Freesia in Maasdijk is a leading nursery and marketing organization of both high-quality freesias and freesia concepts. The nursery is organized in such a way that it can guarantee top quality and quantity all year round, with respect and passion for people and the environment.

Hofland Freesia’s real distinctive power is in the organization’s marketing qualities. Hofland Freesia has sharp insight into what the (latent) functional and emotional needs of European consumers are in terms of freesias and is able to translate these needs into concepts, products and services for retailers, distribution channels and branch partners. It does so under generic brands or its own Freesia Finest brand.

Hofland Freesia strives for value creation in the branch and for the end user, and knows that this can be achieved through an organization’s mentality. That is why innovation, collaboration, custom work and energy are important to Hofland Freesia.

Hofland Freesia – Driving Natural Values.